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Nicki Minaj is Top Hit Songs Super Bass

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Nicki Minaj's Top Hit Songs- Super Bass

If you are not one of the biggest fans of Hip Hop, it would be a little disappointing not knowing the very least about the famous rappers of all times. Although artists like Eminem and Lil Wayne are known for their top collections and song lists that topped the international chats and the Billboard like crazy, who would not know the rapping queen Nicki Minaj? Not only she is well known in the rap industry but also for her extreme curves, the juicy breasts, and the 'omg this is mama's' big, oversized bum. Nicki Minaj is a world's female rapper known for her creative lyrics and attractive beats. She debuted and hit the US's Billboard top charts for her album 'Pink Friday' with several ***y and upbeat rap tracks like "Super Bass". Who wouldn't have heard of the 'Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom boom, badoom, boom bass?' by Nicki's powerful rap and vocals? If not, then you're probably winded back to the early stone age.

Nicki's Booming Bass- The Extreme (Plastic?) Curves

It is a little funny, a hilarious fact to admit how people know of Nicki Minaj without her extreme body figures, especially the breasts and the balloon-like bum. Without these physical figures and the features Nicki has, it is probably undeniably difficult for the media and the people to guarantee her success. As appearance plays a very important role within the media industry and the showbiz, Nicki enhances her appearance through plastic surgery. Duh, surgery! People go insane and crazy about the 'self-insecurity' thing. Buy hey, without all the plastic that helps, will you even be listening to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass? Promise me, you won't even glance at her music video if you are not interested in those booming breasts or the bouncy ass she's got. To add more to the point, it's Nicki's body and yet the people are going crazy protesting about her body being plastic? Woah, step back a little. Although Nicki's a celebrity, she needs no one to invest the thoughts. Nicki topped the charts with her single "Super Bass", rocked the stage with her booming features, why care? Why don't people just enjoy the show?

Super Bass is Nicki's top hit single, a song that brings her life into a gold mine in no time. As critics commented that the track itself is memorable and has a addictive hook/chorus to its rhythm and melody, the song peaked to a number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Super Bass is co-writted by Nicki Minaj and a few other composers; with her creativity beyond imagination, she wrote colorful lyrics and added in creative content to mark the fantasies little by little just by listening to the song and the upbeat beat. The song received high ratings, positive comments, and the overall likes as the music video is an eye candy to many of the audiences. Though, Nicki Minaj's physical features always attract and gain most interest wherever she appears. 


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