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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6150

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how to resolve QuickBooks Error 6150

A person might encounter QuickBooks Error 6150 is certainly one such error where you discover that you're not able to open the “Company file” the screen displays an error messages “Error 6150 and 1006”. The initial step here should be to detect the cause and then search for the answer to fix QuickBooks Error codes 6150.

Why QuickBooks Error 6150 occurs?
Here are a few reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 6150 occurs.

“QBW” or company file is damaged. You need to create a “Portable backup file.”
A damaged or corrupt QuickBooks installation
You are wanting to open a portable file (.qbm) without opening QuickBooks.
A changed or wrongly typed extension for QuickBooks file.
Attempting to save “QuickBooks Macintosh file” when using QuickBooks for Windows.
The company file is infected utilizing the virus.
Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6150
In case “Quickbooks Error 6150 and 1006” message is related to a “file-extension” associated with the company file, you will need to think about changing the “File extension” and saving the company file with the correct extension.
Ensure and verify that “QuickBooks company file” is opening on another computer.
You will need to re-install QuickBooks, in the event that file is not up-to-date,
You will need to save “QB for Macintosh within the Mac system & not in Windows-based system & vice versa)
Update with a good anti-virus before setting up the “company file.”
Above steps could be adequate to solve the errors; however, most of the time, they might never be sufficient enough. Try the below-given methods for addressing the problem.

Method 1- You require to restore from Backup

If the above-provided way was futile in solving QuickBooks Error Codes 6150, the following best step would be to restore the “Company file” from backup. Let’s look at the steps for similar

Navigate to QuickBooks
Click File
Select” Open or Restore Company
Decide to “Restore a backup copy” & click “”
Select “local backup” & click “”
Pick the location of “ company file backup” through the “Look-In” drop-down list
Click “the backup,” and it must be available with a “.qbb” extension
Press “Open” and then click “”
Now head to “Save in” drop-down window & browse into the desired location to revive the backup file.
Within the “File-name” field- type/enter a “new company ”
Make sure that the “save as filed” needs to have been automatically saved to revive file in “.qbw” format.
Select “Yes”
Now type “Yes” to confirm the overwrite process.
Limitation associated with the "Backup restore."

In many cases, users neglect to create a backup file of their "Company file" due to ignorance, or they believe these are typically unnecessary
The essential current / latest up-to-date backup is certainly not available.
The "Backup restoring" has not provided sufficient results. 
Method 2- Create a "New QuickBooks Desktop file" from the beginning.
Open QuickBooks Desktop
Go to the "No company open window" and make a fresh company.
Navigate to QuickBooks Setup Window & enter the required info.
Choose "create an organization"
Start with creating customers, the COA & services, etc.
Limitations of "Creating the latest QuickBooks Desktop file from the beginning."

Cannot access the "Old data."
Within the lack of the "Old data," almost all of the info is incorrect.
You simply can't share the "Desktop file" over the network.
Method 3- Get-back the lost data via "QuickBooks Auto-recovery" method.
You'll want to re-make the lost transactions utilizing the current "Transaction Log file" & a duplicate regarding the company file.
Re-make / recreate the whole data with the exception of the past hours associated with the transactions, by making use of the business file and transaction log file.If you want to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6150 , contact QuickBooks.
Limitations of recovery through "QB Auto Recovery."

QuickBooks auto recovery is certainly not feasible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise.
It is not available using the "Accountant"
There lies a file-size limit (confined to 1.5 GB only)
QB Desktop should be updated using the latest version.
That's all folks. Hopefully, you understand how to eliminate this dilemma right now. This article is comprehensive and gives elaborate steps. Though if you get stuck at any of the actions, Call at QuickBooks Customer Help Desk Number and communicate with the team of tech experts.



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